Should I Buy or Lease?

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There are a lot of decisions involved in acquiring a new vehicle. When Kettering drivers have decided they want a Mercedes-Benz C-Class instead of a BMW 3 Series, they’re ready to ask, “Should I buy or lease?” Take a look with Mercedes-Benz of Centerville if you’re weighing whether to lease vs. buying your next vehicle.

Lease vs. Buying — Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is a great option for Springboro drivers who want a new car every few years and are looking for lower payments, which can be even better with lease deals from Mercedes-Benz of Centerville. Some other perks of leasing a Mercedes-Benz include:

  • Shoppers with lower credit ratings have a higher approval rate when they apply for a car lease.
  • A lease allows you to upgrade every few years. If you lease a car you love and want to purchase, lease buyouts are an option.
  • When your lease agreement is over, it’s easy to lease your next vehicle.
  • If you stay under your mileage limit, a leased car is covered by an extensive warranty.
  • Your down payment and monthly payments are lower, as are sales tax in Oakwood and elsewhere in Ohio.

Lease vs. Buying — Benefits of Buying

You want to buy a car that will be yours for the long haul, to customize and drive as much as you wish. If this sounds like you, buying a car is likely your best option. You can get started by applying for financing, and looking at the benefits of buying:

  • Buying a vehicle means you own it outright. There are no restrictions on mileage and modifications. You can customize however you please.
  • Ownership gives you the ability to sell your car whenever you like, whether it’s in two years or ten. The money from that sale will be yours.
  • While your down payment, monthly payments, and initial sales tax might be higher to start, in the long run, you’ll save money with a purchased car.
  • If you have good credit, financing a car is quicker and a more streamlined process than leasing.
  • Thinking about a pre-owned car? Check out this article about leasing a pre-owned vehicle!

Let Mercedes-Benz of Centerville Answer Your Auto Finance Questions

Now that you know the difference between lease vs. buying, learn more about the ins and outs of auto finance, how to trade in a car, and what is good mileage for a pre-owned car with Mercedes-Benz of Centerville. Our finance center is here to help you find the best option for driving a new Mercedes-Benz.

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