The Mercedes-Benz AMG®

2020 AMG C-Class Sedan

If you’re looking for a vehicle that meets your high standards of class and luxury, then begin your search with any of Mercedes-Benz AMG® models. Offering a stellar performance, the Mercedes-Benz AMG® models will not disappoint. Browse through our new inventory then schedule a test drive appointment to get a better feel for the model in person!

What is AMG®?

AMG® originated from the three engineers who helped create this advanced performance division that we have today. Aufrecht, Melcher, and Großβaspach all created powerful racing engines that would sit underneath the hoods of the newest Mercedes-Benz lineup. With an AMG® model, such as the CLA 45 AMG®, you’ll experience a powerful performance, futuristic tech, and unforgettable driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz AMG® Models

Those who love a great adrenaline rush will adore the Mercedes-Benz AMG® model line up. Whether you’re interested in a coupe or SUV, there’s an AMG® model available to fit your needs. Below is a current list of our AMG® models:


  • AMG® GLC 43 SUV
  • AMG® GLC 63 SUV
  • AMG® GLC 43 Coupe
  • AMG® GLC 63 Coupe
  • AMG® GLC 63 S Coupe
  • AMG® GLE 43 SUV
  • AMG® GLE 63 SUV
  • AMG® GLE 63 S SUV
  • AMG® GLE 43 Coupe
  • AMG® GLE 63 S Coupe
  • AMG® GLS 63 SUV
  • AMG® G 63 SUV

AMG® E 53 SedanSedans & Wagons

  • AMG® C 43 Sedan
  • AMG® C 63 Sedan
  • AMG® C 63 S Sedan
  • AMG® E 53 Sedan
  • AMG® E 63 S Sedan
  • AMG® S 63 Sedan
  • AMG® S 65 Sedan
  • AMG® E 63 S Wagon

AMG® S 65 CoupeCoupes

  • AMG® CLA 45 Coupe
  • AMG® C 43 Coupe
  • AMG® C 63 Coupe
  • AMG® C 63 S Coupe
  • AMG® E 53 Coupe
  • AMG® CLS 53 Coupe
  • AMG® S 63 Coupe
  • AMG® S 65 Coupe
  • AMG® GT 53 4-door Coupe
  • AMG® GT 63 4-door Coupe
  • AMG® GT 63 S 4-door Coupe
  • AMG® GT Coupe
  • AMG® GT C Coupe
  • AMG® GT R Coupe

AMG® SLC 43 RoadsterCabriolets & Roadsters

  • AMG® C 43 Cabriolet
  • AMG® C 63 Cabriolet
  • AMG® C 63 S Cabriolet
  • AMG® E 53 Cabriolet
  • AMG® S 63 Cabriolet
  • AMG® S 65 Cabriolet
  • AMG® SLC 43 Roadster
  • AMG® GT Roadster
  • AMG® GT C Roadster
  • AMG® GT R Roadster

The models listed above are only a few out of the Mercedes-Benz AMG® lineup. Feel free to check out our AMG® GT Roadster in our new inventory!

Mercedes-Benz AMG® Performance Features

The AMG® lineup is fully equipped with performance specs that enhance drivers experience from Kettering to Oakwood. Below are a few features:

  • AMG® high-performance braking system
  • Various advanced driving modes
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Speed-sensitive sports steering

Mercedes-Benz AMG® Design Features

With a new Mercedes-Benz AMG® you’ll be able to roar through the Springboro streets due to the power under the hood of your AMG® GLE 43 SUV or AMG® sedan. Offering bold colors and a driving dynamic that represents your personality, you’ll be even more impressed with the design details. We also offer premium Mercedes-Benz AMG® wheels to upgrade the look of your vehicle! Design features are listed below:

  • Fully equipped AMG® Cockpit featuring special instrumentation
  • Wide stance, axle, and tires
  • Twin powder domes
  • AMG® Front Apron with enlarged vents
  • Rear diffuser

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With multiple models to choose from, which Mercedes-Benz AMG® will you take home? If you’re not sure, our sales and finance teams are here to help figure out your perfect fit. Before making your final decision, give yourself a quick lesson on buying a car using our finance glossary. Questions? Contact us!