What to Look for When Buying a Pre-Owned Car

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When you are on the lookout for a pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicle, it can seem like an incredibly daunting task. Kettering shoppers learning how to buy a car from a dealer can utilize our pre-owned car checklist to ensure they’re getting the car they want. Whether you’re purchasing for the first time, you haven’t bought a car in a while, or had bad car buying experiences in the past, you can sit down with the team at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville and determine what to ask when buying a pre-owned car. Get all the details about the car buying process below, and when you’re ready, you can take any of the pre-owned cars in our inventory out for a test drive!

What to Ask When Buying a Pre-Owned Car

Oftentimes there’s a large variety between age, condition, price, and style of pre-owned cars. Before you start shopping, it’s important that you know what to look for when buying a pre-owned car and what to ask when buying a pre-owned car to be certain that you’re not signing up for costly repairs in the future. Here’s what we would suggest asking when you meet with a dealer or private seller near Oakwood:

  • Is there a history of maintenance?
  • Is the vehicle history report available?
  • Do the amenities and features work like they’re supposed to?
  • What is the ownership history?
  • What is the vehicle’s mileage?
  • Are there any current recalls on the vehicle?
  • How was the vehicle priced?
  • Can I take the car to a mechanic for an inspection?
  • Do you have the title in hand?
  • Is the car as is, or is it under warranty?
  • Does this vehicle affect your insurance premiums?
  • Would you drive this vehicle cross-country today? If not, why?

How to Buy a Pre-Owned Car From a Dealer in Centerville

Buying a pre-owned car has plenty of benefits, from lower prices to more accessible technology. When you are looking for the right pre-owned car in Springboro, there are a variety of options available like certified pre-owned, and many options in between at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville. When you are looking to buy a pre-owned car from a dealer like us, start here:

  • Set a Budget: When you are setting a budget, you’ll want to consider the cost to buy as well as the cost to own. Consider factors like future repairs, new tires, routine maintenance, and the cost of a car loan all while financing a pre-owned car. Another tip to keep in mind is that a monthly payment should ideally be no more than 10% of your monthly income. You can utilize our payment calculator to confirm the details of your ideal model.
  • Choose the Right Pre-Owned Model: There are some factors to consider from our pre-owned car checklist. First, it should fit your budget, then match your mileage expectations, and fit some mechanical and important criteria, and the vehicle history report. The next section will be more in-depth about the questions to ask. You can start by compiling a list of cars that you’re interested in and then compare what’s offered at the dealership. As you look at your list, do a deep dive into the reliability reviews from sites like Edmunds or KelleyBlueBook, and check out what price the vehicle costs in your area.
  • Test Drive and Inspect the Models: Sometimes finding the right pre-owned car requires patience and determination, especially one that matches your style. You’ll want to thoroughly inspect the vehicle yourself and by a trusted mechanic. You should also take it out for a test drive and confirm the performance on Oakwood-area roads.
  • Pre-Owned Car Financing & Other Fees: After determining the pre-owned car that works for your needs, you can start to explore your loan options, and begin to factor in other fees and credits like state sales tax, registration fees, and the trade-in value of your previous vehicle. Also, take the time to ensure that you’re covered with any applicable warranties and car insurance plans.

Learn More About What to Look for When Buying a Pre-Owned Car with Mercedes-Benz of Centerville Today!

The team at Mercedes-Benz of Centerville wants to make the car-buying process simple. You can be sure to take full advantage of our selection of pre-owned cars. Explore more about the car buying and insurance process by chatting with our finance department today, and then let us help you get started taking home a new-to-you model today.


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