Mercdes-Benz Near Centerville, OH

Despite the ubiquity of car ads and sites designed to help car buyers make an informed decision, it is impossible to know if a car is right for you until you get behind the wheel. Even so, 16% of car buyers do not test drive a vehicle before they purchase it—a fact that definitely contributes to the huge number of nearly new cars populating used car lots.

Don’t make that mistake. Here are a few tips on how to take the perfect test drive:

Don’t check for quality

This should go without saying, but cars don’t make it to the sales floor unless they work. It sounds obvious, but one of the biggest misconceptions about test drives is that they’ll keep you from buying a lemon. Instead of listening for warning signs, pay attention to how the car feels to drive.

Mercedes-Benz Test Drive

Model your commute

As much fun as it might be to find a deserted stretch of highway and test the vehicle’s 0 to 60, it isn’t a practical use of your time. A test drive should mimic your typical driving experience as closely as possible. Instead of going on a joy ride, head toward school, toward the office, or toward home. On the way, check your blind spots, make a hands-free call, change lanes, and do all the things you do on your average drive.

Remember that accessories matter

Just because they’re called “accessories” doesn’t mean they’re only there for aesthetics—they are actually the features of the car that you interact with most. If you don’t like the seats, or the touchscreen feels awkward, or the overhead light is too bright—that matters. On your test drive, twist every knob, flick every switch, and experience the full complement of seat positions, entertainment features, and Bluetooth capabilities.

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